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 +====== Extend rclone'​s webui ======
 +rclone webui currently supports basic plugins like a video player and a music player. This functionality could be extended to incorporate new plugins which could be added by a user on the go, and developers could develop these plugins for rclone. ​
 +The functionality will be something similar to Google Drive. Ex. If you want to edit a doc file, rclone webui will have a plugin for it, once you enable the plugin, you would be able to edit documents using rclone. ​
 +1. A plugin dashboard, where you can install, remove and update plugins. \\
 +2. A plugins repository from where the plugins could be fetched into the local rclone instance. \\
 +2. The plugins should work in an isolated environment so that they cannot interfere with the system data. \\
 +3. Develop at least 3 demo plugins for demonstration. This could be a word processor, a photo editor, etc. \\
 +4. We could allow the developer to communicate with their own server and fetch data from there. \\
 +**Current Stack:**\\
 +rclone backend: GoLang\\
 +rclone webui: Reactjs \\
 +rclone GitHub: https://​github.com/​rclone/​rclone\\
 +react frontend: https://​github.com/​rclone/​rclone-webui-react\\
 +rclone forum: https://​forum.rclone.org/​\\
 +webui discussion thread: https://​forum.rclone.org/​t/​beta-testing-webgui-for-rclone/​11156\\
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