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Code-In 2017 for designers

This year we are going to have some hard design tasks. Hard means that they are going to take time and talent, bring design up to par with coding.

At least one of our finalists will be a designer even if he or she has not contributed code. We are doing this to prevent the design tasks being treated just as an easy way to complete tasks. For example, you can create a T-Shirt design in 10 minutes, but that's very unlikely to be good and usable to well, actually make T-Shirts with it.

If you are serious about becoming a great designer and are willing to do serious work, look for tasks with the “HardDesign” tasks. At least one of the students that do a great job on those will be a finalist, and maybe a winner.

Remember though that hard means hard. Don't expect us to approve the first design you come up with. We will give you feedback and work with you until you produce something that you can be proud of for years and that we can use.

Also, as a bonus, if the design is for something physical (T-Shirt, sticker, etc) we will ship you one totally free to any part of the world.

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