Current Version: 0.77

June 20th, 2015

CCExtractor news

Carlos is looking for a US based startup to join (it must be the US and a startup is preferred, .edus and multimedia companies are OK too). If you need someone with a knowledge of captioning/subtitles and a passion for programming feel free to get in touch. Note: I will need sponsorship.

2014 was by far the best year for CCExtractor so far - lots of things happened, some very sought-after and some unexpected. With our acceptance into Google's Summer of Code the project (and the team) grew tremendously. We're hoping 2015 to be as good!

0.75 is out. It includes lots of new things, such as an OCR to export DVB to text. The Windows package includes the OCR and its support files - that's why it's so large now.

We are applying to Summer of Code in 2015 too. Of course the competition is brutal and we don't know if we will get accepted. But should we be, if you are a student considering joining us please start early. Read our GSOC pages first.